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Creation, site redesign, recovery of existing event website, specific applications .

We carry all projects that require quality, creativity and performance.

We keep our deadlines and packages while remaining flexible and highly available.

Some of our recent achievements representative of our work:

Vogue magazine has created the event time of night when all the shops around the world remained open all night. Chloe participated in this event and for the occasion, we have created this video wall that is updated in real time with images from shops around the world. example here


Flash - direct access at last!
The newest version of the site chloe.com, that we have designed and implemented, is made in Flash for aesthetics and large format navigation

but with direct access to any page of the site as here on this page where we can finally send the link by mail as any other HTML page! click here

or the address of a shop like here

Natural navigation
Thanks to our technology, it is finally possible to navigate backwards and forwards with Flash, ending the frustration of the back button ...
http://www.chloe.com/#/collections/accessories/shoes/winter-09-10/look-1/fr http://www.chloe.com/#/collections/accessories/shoes/winter-09-10/fr
The information available on Google
A very effective reference can find the information on Google, look here! Chloe shop montaigne chloe boutique montaigne
and you can find the store and its information by clicking to directly access the link in the first position of Google Search

Except for the whole Charter of the site we created over the campaigns of the brand, we are making our web key as here for the perfume or we imagine this visual here for the perfume

or visuals for the home page

As if you were there

At runways we are broadcasting in live (without delay) the video of the runway,while the passionate share it on Facebook

We send a teaser for the runway, and then, a mail created after the show,
is sent to all the clients in different countries and in six languages
including Chinese , Korean and Japanese

The Inescapable IPHONE
We were the very first to have an iPhone website for fashion professionals and luxury, the same day of the official release of the first iPhone. An iPhone version of the highly effective website including video runways, all the catalogs whose images are zoomable iphone format, but also the recognition of cases is automatic as it is not an iPhone application, but a site specially adapted all iPhone users connect to it without barrier. Each shop has a button touch to call to join a counselor of a simple gesture.Despite the current craze for iPhone applications a site dedicated mobile and iphone in particular is the best service for mobile clients. Think about it!

In the totally different field of the gameplay we realize the shops of virtual products on a model of presentation of items sold quite innovative and near the player, we manage virtual currencies and a system of loyalty very sophisticated.

We are connected to the game in real time and we have a back office particularly evolved.


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